4 Tips for a Successful LinkedIn Financial Service Page

LinkedIn has long been the most incredible network for finding prospects online for huge industries such as financial services, insurance services, or SMBs like niche developers. Even the most popular companies consider LinkedIn a very impactful business development platform. That is certainly a persuasive point for making a LinkedIn Financial Service Page right after reading this complete post.

LinkedIn Financial Service Page

A LinkedIn Service Page is commonly the primary spot for job seekers and LinkedIn users to find out about your organization, its terms, and what it has to provide regarding services, products, and opportunities for jobs. That is an extraordinary LinkedIn benefit in marketing aspect all by itself. Yet having the Service Page isn't what's truly significant, there are more concerns to focus and you should treat it as a financial marketing tool.

A significant LinkedIn presence can be used to strengthen your brand and create a strong image as a financial industry leader. For some LinkedIn members, this page will be their first impression of your brand or business. It might be the integral factor in the observations and perceptions these members have about you. Thus, it's imperative to have a convincing, engaging service page.

But no pressure!

Here are some quick and simple tips to shine up your LinkedIn service page.

 1. Add more visual content

LinkedIn allows you to share multiple pictures in a single post to grab more attention. In fact, you should really be specific with regards to LinkedIn visual content. The right decision is to choose different images rather than those cheesy stock pictures like handshakes that are sized perfectly.

Instead of pictures, you can likewise use video content like gifs which, according to LinkedIn, is ten times more effective for starting a conversation with prospects than any type of content. This doesn’t mean you have to share video content in each post but if you haven’t thought about making a video yet, it’s the right time to get started.

Every company should use high-resolution, high-quality, and relevant pictures or videos. People tend to look at your pictures before reading the content, so having sharp pictures is important to make a good impression.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn page engagement

LinkedIn Page admins were once restricted in social interactions with other people and organizations. But now, they can post and react to comments via Pages and can update, post, and respond on the LinkedIn mobile application.

Adding relevant hashtags on pages also permits admins to:

·        Check and take part in LinkedIn conversations about the organization and its services.

·        Share files like Scribd(formerly SlideShare) and PowerPoint presentations to explain detailed organization services information and stories.

·        Influence LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live to offer virtual connectivity that strengthens the brand experience of your clients and target audiences.


3. Claim Your Headline

Flaunting your job title is good but you must optimize each letter of your headline field to feature your marketing strategies. Because of the reason that the free-form field shows every name appears in a LinkedIn search.

Your headline must speak to your audience about what you can do for them and what your organization does. It must tellyour audience that what makes you worth clicking on as opposed to the page that appears next to yours.

4. Write a good copy

·        Use short but effective lead-in sentences of around150 characters.

·        Draft various choices, then temporarily separate yourself from them. Before posting the articles, check them and ask yourself which one is sufficiently convincing enough to click.

·        Take risk of being a little creative (within the limitations of your organization standards) with your text to stand out.

·        Add a hashtag to connect the organization with the latest topics.

·        Use a short URL with a code to check in your website analytics where the traffic is coming from.

·        Be careful about typos or any errors because neatness and accuracy present your business very well.


A LinkedIn Service Page is a Must-Have!

A LinkedIn Page is an absolute necessity for B2B organizations. If you don't have one, you have to make one for developing your business. If you already have one that is gone flat, start utilizing it again to get more clients, prospects, and recruits. You'll make the way for more qualified contacts and leads so, extend your reach and feature the best online version of your organization.

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