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My experience with Advisor Appointments was fantastic. They’re a team of highly intelligent, well organized, easily accessible, individuals, that remained consummate professionals even when I at times did not.

Their highly organized and fastidious nature was easily able to accommodate and wholly mitigate my own professional weaknesses as it pertains to client acquisition. They not only were able to do the tedious heavy lifting on original contact, but their follow through dialogue was so responsive, relevant, and meticulous, that out of hundreds of conversations, I did not have one single person that got the impression that they were talking to anyone other than me.

The increase in business and consequential increase in revenue more than compensated for the financial outlay, and will pay through for years to come. They provided so many leads so fast that the issue was never “would it be enough”, but rather “how do I keep up?”.

This review may seem gratuitously positive, however the objective truth is, that I frankly can’t say enough positive things about them to properly articulate how happy I was with their service. We will use them time, and time, and time, again. In 24 years in business I have yet to find another service that I would recommend as quickly if someone where to ask me how to increase client acquisition for their business.

Scott M.
Financial Advisor

My experience with Advisor Appointments have been quite positive and impressive. They have a very well thought out approach to those in the financial services business.

My recommendation is that you give Advisor Appointments a chance to show you what they can do for your business prospecting. We know that the general public needs our help desperately, because of the changes that have occurred in the past 3 years.

When talking with prospects….. take a stand not an order!

Tom D.
Financial Advisor

I engaged “Advisor Appointments” to help generate some activity and find new prospective clients.

I was overwhelmed with responses, and Zain and his team do a great job on following through with everything they promise. We won’t do another LinkedIn campaign without the help of Advisor Appointments.

Mac J.
Financial Advisor

I have been working with Advisor Appointments for the last three months. They have booked over fifty meetings with qualified prospects. Their communication has been great, from our initial
screening process to making adjustments as we go.

Zain and his team are very easy to work with and I would recommend them as a part of your social media marketing campaign

Marcus S. 
Financial Advisor
Roger Castonguey
Financial Advisor
Yudi Rosenzweig
Financial Advisor